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The new Stockholm band ROSSI is a very nice acquaintance

This Saturday I had the pleasure of experiencing a brand new band here in Stockholm. Club Probation at Restaurant Snövit is perhaps not the most glamorous of places in Södermalm, but this is generally where you’re able to catch bands that are not yet established.

ROSSI is a completely new constellation, but consists of truly established musicians. Of the talk in between songs, I got the impression that some of them had not even met until they started rehearsing.

ROSSI Along For The Ride, taken from their debut album

You who know your Swedish rock story well will surely, like me, be impressed with this set: Cecila Backman (Edmonton Aylers) on vocals; Max Lorentz (Kaipa Da Capo, Bitch Boys and many more) on guitar and vocals, Anders Ericsson (Lustans Lakejer, Ubangi) on guitar and vocals, Matts Alsberg (Rost, solo, studio musician) and Stephen Rossi (Lustans Lakejer and many more) on drums.

The debut album and this show, staged to launch the LP, reveals a band with deep roots in the more elegant parts of rock music. It may be unfair – and even ignorant – but I think of Roxy Music and David Bowie. But also Skids. Some songs have raw, deviant parts that I think makes the band’s music stand out from the expected.

With such experienced band members, it is only natural that you expect a good and tight whole. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by ROSSI. A band to follow.

ROSSI’s self-titled debut album is out now on S-Rock. The vinyl edition is limited to 100 copies.