About Magnus Nilsson

Magnus Nilsson avatar by Leo Hultén

This is the home of random posts by Magnus Nilsson of Stockholm, also known as Ny-Magnum or @nymagnum.

The avatar is made by my eldest son, Leo Hultén, as a birthday gift a couple of years ago. I use it as much as I can with great pride.

You can find my work at Portabla Media, my record label at Fanfar!, my co-founded club for incredibly strange music at Sunkit, the doom metal band I’m playing guitar in at Freak and most other stuff right here.

Who am I? Not sure.

What interests do I have? Thanks for asking, and I guess it would be easier to list what I’m not interested in – but here’s some of the things that’s on my hotlist:

  • Classical music – a great source of inspiration.
  • Extreme metal – like doom metal, funeral doom metal, black metal, atmospheric funeral black metal and what-have-you.
  • Running – I run slow, but fairly long. Half-marathons are my favourites. My goal is to not slow down because of age too early. And to experience as much as possible of the world outside your office.
  • Soccer – mainly women’s soccer nowadays, as the male sport has – in my eyes – turned so money-centric and pretentious.
  • Quantified Self – this is an awesome community of self-trackers and people who mash-up data sources in new and super-interesting ways.

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