Monorail Seattle (photo: Magnus Nilsson)

in Architecture

The Monorail of Seattle – what’s it like taking a ride?

If you’re going to Seattle, WA, one thing you really should give a try is the Seattle Center Monorail. It’s a railway up in the air, built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair – as is the world famous Space Needle (which is one of the Monorail’s two stops).

It’s a short trip of just under three minutes, but it spares you a pretty dull walk and it’s quite cheap (a return ticket costed me $5 in September, 2018).

If you’re in downtown Seattle go to the Westlake Center, just opposite the Nordstrom department store. The entrance to the Monorail is situated upstairs in the Westlake Center.

So, what’s it like riding the Seattle Monorail? Well, have a look at this video. It’s shot from beside the driver’s seat, going from Seattle Center to Westlake Center in September, 2018.

This is a front-row capture of a ride with the retro futuristic Monorail in Seattle. This short trip connects downtown Seattle with Seattle Center and The Space Needle. Filmed in September, 2018.

Thanks for watching!