KC BABY: Lila blå

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KC BABY is the latest artist on my Fanfar! label

The latest release from my record label is the debut album with KC BABY. This is a duo that sings in Swedish and plays what they themselves describes as passive-aggressive music.

For some years I’ve had the opportunity to host a small record label of my own, called Fanfar! The latest issue is the LP Lila blå with KC BABY. KC BABY consists of Kajsa Magnarsson and Conny Nimmersjö. Kajsa is an established sound artist, and Conny has for many years played in the Swedish rock band bob hund (as well as Bergman Rock).

Have a listen to the single Växa och blomstra:

You can read more about the album Lila blå at Tictail and – if you know Swedish – at the label website.

The cover to both the album and the single is made by Gustav Larsson.