Two White Horses (photo: Andreas Nilsson)

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Two White Horses grows and gets stuck

When my wife and I saw Sahara Hotnights at Södra Teatern sometime in 2009, the for me unknown duo Two White Horses performed as support act. Sibling pair Nystrom tribes – like the Sahara ladies – from Robertsfors and debuted in conjunction with the concert with a self-titled album. It was also the first album released on Sahara Hotnight’s label Stand by Your Band, apart from their own records.

The Nystrom siblings made their entrance at Södra Teatern from auditorium, each with a white toy horse in hand and dazzling white clothes. They made a charming impression: Untight and super clever in equal doses. I liked them and bought the album.

But the disc itself gave no bigger impression, did not have the same clout as I found the show had. Naturally, it has to do with expectations (no expectations for the show, but then you buy a record afterwards – with high expectations). Anyway, I put the album on high.

But the memory of the band was still there somewhere. I’ve been humming the different songs at different times, and gone back to the album. Now I must say that it has grown clear. What was at first a bit uneven is now indispensable.

The brother, Jakob Nyström, is otherwise a singer and songwriter in Isolation Years. Sister Lovisa Nyström works with artists such as Frida Hyvönen and David Sandström Overdrive. Both have toured with Säkert!

I hope there will soon be a sign of life from Two White Horses.


Press photo by Andreas Nilsson.