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Soon St. Vincent’s new album will be released

When Sufjans Stevens played at Berns in Stockholm a couple of years ago, I missed her by a minute. St. Vincent was support act, but played later in the evening as guitarist with Sufjan’s band. This gig was anyway how I became aware of Annie Clark, the woman behind the stage name St. Vincent.

Later, her first album, Marry Me (Beggars Banquet), was released and this may well be placed among the decade’s major debuts.

At last summer’s Accelerator Festival in Stockholm, I finally got to see her live, and stood at the front with my friend Ola Norman. It was a powerful experience to see and hear an artist that looks a bit like an ethereal essence of a fairy deliver music with as much imagination and technology as ever Jimi Hendrix. Though in a different genre.

In May St. Vincent’s second album, Actor, will be released.

On my birthday a video from the upcoming album, Actor Out of Work, was unveiled. And on NPR, you can see St. Vincent rehearsing the song Strangers with her band.

The countdown has truly begun!